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The most secure and permanent NFT ever minted!

GemCave Avatar NFTs are cryptographically guaranteed to be unique and cute, they also represent a groundbreaking advancement in NFT technology and security!

Grab one of the first ever NFTs to be fully generated, minted and stored entirely on the secure blockchain, using no external websites, servers or IPFS.

Avatar Attributes

When you mint your Avatar NFT, the following attributes are selected randomly.


Kite Trillian Peardrop Diamond Hexagon Radiant Round


Ruby Crystal Sapphire Topaz Rose Amethyst Zircon Citrine Emerald Onyx Enchanted


Distracted Shocked Thinking Moody Happy Sad Glaring


Hat Bowtie Smoke Glasses Bear Ears ...more
253 / 500 minted

Minting Costs

To mint an GemCave Avatar NFT you must own 7.5 billion GEMS - that's our GemCave Token to mint - these tokens will be burnt upon minting.

You do not hold enough GemCave Tokens to mint an NFT
Buy some GemCave tokens to mint your unique on-chain Avatar NFT!
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if you have NFT credits, you must ask us to redeem your NFT in our Telegram before you can mint here
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The Avatars

There are thousands of unique Avatar NFTs waiting to be minted! Once your NFT is minted and stored forever on chain, you can be guaranteed that nobody else can ever mint the same NFT as yours thanks to our on-chain artwork generator.

Check out some examples here - when your Avatar NFT is minted it will be animated and potentially holographic rare!

Buy and sell Avatar NFTs on the following marketplaces...

Upgrade with items!

Once you have minted your Avatar NFT, you can add items and accessories with our unique on-chain upgrade functionality!

Our first version of item upgrades includes hats, bowties, pipes and extra shiny effects.

What makes GemCave NFTs special?

Did you know that most NFTs minted have already gone offline? Most NFTs require external hosting being maintained and paid for otherwise the NFT data is lost forever. This external NFT data can also be modified or deleted at any time, meaning your NFTs are not as safe as you may think.

There are midway attempts that use IPFS but this does not verify the integrity of your NFT data in line with the blockchain, nor does it promise forever storage.

GemCave has solved these issues and releases an entirely on-chain NFT system built of 7 custom bespoke coded smart contracts that interact to form an entirely on-chain, immutable and permanent NFT minting, generating and storage solution.

View the GemCave Avatar NFT source code

100% on-chain 100% immutable 100% permanent

To mint your Avatar NFT you must own some GEMS - our unique BSC token that offers free games, rewards and more to holders, grab some now!

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